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    7W RF AMP Modl - Linear Amplifier - ViProje. CoM - NET
    Linear Amplifier 7W RF AMP Modl

    Bizzat Kendim denemedim. Fakat deneyenlere sordum 88-108Mhz Aras Ayarsz alt Sylendi. Gayet iyibir k varm. Ksacas beni Etkiledi bende yaknda deneyeceim. 12V/0.58A akm eker. 13.8V/0.50A akm eker. Ksaca 1A g kaynanz olduunda gayet salkl alr.

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    After building FM transmitter I decided to build a 6W RF Transmitter amplifier for the FM band to get more power and we chose to copy a 6 Watt design built around 2SC1971 RF power transistor. We were not satisfied with finished result and decided to replace the fixed capacitors around the pcb inductors with variable capacitors, this is much better and possible to tune to your transmitter frequency.

    6 Watt FM Transmitter Amplifier

    2SC1971 6 Watts FM broadcast (87,5-108MHz) broadband RF-amplifier

    1.- all SMD components are 1206 types

    2.- connect the bottomlayer (groundplane) on several points (through via's) with the
    toplayer of the pcb. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

    3.- VCC = Supply voltage (see also the 2SC1971 datasheet)

    4.- CuL = magnetwire, enameled copper wire. All diameters are measured from the inside of the coils, i.e. 'internal' diameter:
    1.0 mm equals approx. to #18 A.W.G
    0.8 mm equals approx. to #20 A.W.G
    0.3 mm equals approx. to #28 A.W.G.

    5.- make sure to mount the rf-transistor on a appropriate heatsink and use some thermal
    heatsink compound between the flange of the transistor and heatsink!
    (Thermal resistance heatsink at least 6°C/W.)

    6.- all parts are soldered directly on the toplayer of the pcb.

    7.- the pcb outline is 77 x 56 mm (width x height), bitmap resolution is 600dpi.
    Use FR-4 double sided photoresist epoxy pcb material for best results.
    When printing the layout, be sure to resize it!


    Gnderen: Hseyin GNER Tarih: 09/02/2006 7W RF AMP Modl Yazdr

    Yorumu Gnderen : hruibplnsm Tarihi : 19/11/2018 07:35 am

    Hi! This is my first post for testing.

    Yorumu Gnderen : nik Tarihi : 17/08/2012 11:33 pm

    long size pcb????

    Yorumu Gnderen : SotrisPdmtr Tarihi : 16/08/2012 10:53 am

    I see that there is no reference of the designer of it, or the source of this design!
    Of course you know that this design is made by Sotiris Papadimitriou of ASPiSYS, Athens Greece... and is free to share for personal use (NOT COMMERCIAL TRADING) as long as you mention the designer's copyright!
    Best regards
    Sotiris Pdmtr!
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