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    2W 88-108mhz TX with PLL Input - FM PLL Modlatrler - ViProje. CoM - NET
    FM PLL Modlatrler 2W 88-108mhz TX with PLL Input

    Gzel tasarlanm bir vco. Modlasyonu iyi olduunu dnyorum. Tasarlayan kii harici pll kullanmay dnerek tasarlam. Bu yzden pll voltaj girii ve pll frekans k var. mpx ve mono girilerini ayr brakm. MPX ten RDS girmekte saknca yok. Kesinlikle profesyonel deil. Ancak birok profesyonel cihazdan gzel vco tasarm var. Gzel deneyimler yaana bilir bir kart. Rdvv a ait sadece pll kartn kullana bilirsiniz. ye ait saa1057 li pll sini kullana bilirsiniz. UKW Radiosender in LM7001 kullanarak yapt dip switch li pll sini kullana bilirsiniz. PCB Boyutu 53 x 100 mm

    L1 = 4 Turns Air coil, internal diameter 8 mm, 1 mm CuL (approx. #18 A.W.G.), wirespacing 1 mm - the 1uH and 2.2uH coils are ready-made molded type coils - all 'square' drawn capacitors are MKT or MKP-types, the rest are (multilayer) ceramic ones - all resistors 0.25 Watts, unless otherwise indicated - the 470-Ohms trimmer resistor is from the brand Piher, horizontal mount, 10 mm diameter - the BF960 mosfet and the BFR96(S) transistor are mounted at the bottomside (copperside/ trackside) of the printed circuitboard - be sure to use an appropriate heatsink on the 2N4427 rf-transistor! - the PLL-input accepts a (stabilized and filtered) control voltage of 0-12 Volts DC for the desired frequency variation or can be connected to an individual synthesizer.


    2W 88-108mhz TX with PLL Input pcb

    PCB LayOut

    2W 88-108mhz TX with PLL Input pcb layout

    PCB st yz

    2W 88-108mhz TX with PLL Input pcb top

    PCB st Yz

    2W 88-108mhz TX with PLL Input pcb component



    Gnderen: Hseyin GNER Tarih: 07/05/2013 2W 88-108mhz TX with PLL Input Yazdr

    Yorumu Gnderen : lendaDonry Tarihi : 19/03/2018 04:42 am

    <a href=></a>. . . <a href=></a>

    Yorumu Gnderen : Herbert Tarihi : 25/05/2013 01:18 pm

    Heh, it all depends First, I wdulon't dare trying to design a 4GHz RF design on a two-layer board it's just not practical if you want good performance and reliability. For four layers, it depends on your layer stack. The four-layer service I use (Laen's DorkbotPDX PCB order) has a stack-up of approximately 10 mils between the outer and inner layers, and about 40 mils for the center core (joining the top and bottom layer pairs together). It depends on how sensitive your design is, and how much loss you can afford between devices. If your VCO+PLL is pumping out +10dBm at 4GHz and your mixer requires +0dBm input, you'll probably do fine sending that signal across a few inches of PCB. But at a distance of inches, 4GHz is well into transmission line territory, so you'll have to get your trace widths right given your PCB material Er and trace-to-ground distance.I'd spend as much time as possible staring at reference designs for high-frequency mixers and PLL+VCOs. They're usually done on four- or six-layer FR4. A lot can be learned from observing things that are clearly intentional ( Why are there a billion vias between ground layers here? ) and trying to understand them.I'd also start small, building each component as a separate PCB project. Sending 4GHz off-board isn't too big a deal if you're careful, keep the traces short, get your transmission line impedance right, and are willing to accept a few dB loss. There's a LOT of learning you can do with a board that's a bit lossy but otherwise works just fine. Then, when you have the design nailed, you can tackle integrating it with other components on the same board.I'd be happy to review your schematic/board as you go, if you'd like. I don't claim to be an experienced RF engineer, but RF is kinda an obsession of mine, and I've developed enough intuition and understanding to build successful 3GHz boards.
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