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    USB FM transmitter - FM PLL Modülatörler - ViProje. CoM - NET
    FM PLL Modülatörler USB FM transmitter

    Usb FM transmitter ile bilgisayarınız üzerinden çok basit bir şekilde deneyler yapabilirsiniz. Bilgisayarınızdan çaldığınız müzikleri başka odadan bir radyo aracılığı ile dinliye bilirsiniz. Yazları Bahçenize çıkardığınız müzik setinizden bilgisayarınızdan hazırladığınız müzikleri dinliye bilirsiniz.

    Yabancı bir sitede buldum bu devreyi. Hoşuma da gittiğinden sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. projeyi deneme şansım olmadı ancak denenmiş ve çalışan bir proje.

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    English project.

    Gönderen: Hüseyin GÜNER Tarih: 21/04/2009 USB FM transmitter Yazdır

    Yorumu Gönderen : Lucas Tarihi : 25/05/2013 07:49 am

    I have a small car and an iPhone. Not going to spring for a full car kit, I touhght I'd try this product.Yes, it is easy to set up and tune in to the radio. There are some station pre-sets which are easy to cycle through, and a clear frequency display, making it pretty straightforward to synchronise stations with the car radio.The cradle has an admirably robust, short goose-neck plugging into the fag-lighter socket. (Since nobody smokes any more, shouldn't someone invent a smaller and more convenient car power output system?) While it is strong and stable, it also means that, in many cars, the unit will be inconveniently placed. If you want to use your iPhone's GPS system, you'll probably have trouble doing so safely.Next problem: because it does nothing to supplement the iPhone's built-in microphone, in my car nobody can hear me if I try to take a call.If the unit is plugged in to charge, then you must have it fully connected and running through an FM channel to hear any output from the iPhone. It does put the sound through the car's speakers at a good volume, as long as it is all connected up.When there is no interference, the sound is rich and clean way better than the Griffin iTrip I once infuriated my family with on a driving holiday. But you do get still interference on just about every channel, as broadcast signals are so much more powerful than the signal from the unit. In fact, I seem to pick up more radio channels with this unit plugged in than I used to. So in all probability you'll switch to the radio. And then you'll miss that incoming call because your iPhone has been silenced by the charger being plugged into its base (why? Is this a preference I can amend?) and it's a long way out of your line of sight and your eyes are on the road because you are a good driver, not an idiot playing with a gadget while they drive.So, sad to say, this is not the answer. It's well enough made and easy to use, with a comically short user guide that covers what it can do in about 40 words. But I should have bough a straight car charger, and a bluetooth headset.Or a much better car. But there's a recession on and we've all been told to be scared of buying stuff.
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